Hello, I’m Katie, welcome to my website!

I started out my crafty career making greetings cards, but in the last couple of years I have developed a serious obsession with fabrics and my sewing machine (called Betty). I also run a website called Crafted by Katie where I use beautiful fabrics to make well designed products with love. I love sitting at my sewing machine whipping something up to sell or to keep or to give as a gift, and hopefully that comes through in the end result.

Having had my little one in 2016 I started making children’s clothes with soft, jersey fabric in cool prints – favouring gender neutral colours and prints in bold and on trend patterns.

Recently, after receiving a new coffee table in a large box, I was inspired to start The Binky Box. Working in collaboration with my sister Kaye Taylor, who loves business, and a very talented pattern designer Kate Lancaster, we are together exploring opportunities bringing together all of our passions.

Inspiration really is everywhere!